Who We Are

At Professional Painters, we are a delayed gratification company. Our foundation is built on exceptional service, and the quality and longevity of work. We believe in hiring, and retaining the best painters in the industry. We achieve this through rigorous training, and top wages. We also achieve this through carrot's and stick's. Incentives for quality, timely work, and consequences for poor quality work.

What People Are Saying

  • “We had previous experiences with contractors that ended up poorly to say the least. We were pleasantly surprised, and relieved to deal with a company like Professional Painters. Their employees were prompt, courteous, and did an outstanding job. We highly recommend Professional Painters.” - Richard and Judith Lancioni    
  • “Transformed my house overnight. Thanks so much!” - Jack Bauser    

Quality Service

ServiceProfessional Painters excels at commercial projects for the following reasons- we have crews that travel the east coast and Midwest, our crews are available for night work projects and weekend work, we complete our punch work on time, and most importantly we have the manpower and flexibility to deal with any delays in your project. Our residential division succeeds due to the following- we have a dedicated and refined crew specifically for working in homes, and a crew leader who is a home owner themselves. This gives them great perspective and appreciation of the fact that we are guests in your home. We keep our residential crews small to ensure our employees are vetted, and have the required ability to meet your expectations.See Our Services...
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